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Adults and Young Adults

From aspiring knights and kings, to the theatrical dens of Myerton, all these worlds are a stage when the author Tracy Carol Taylor brings a huge cast of characters to life in her adventure stories.

Christian Books

From the basic building blocks of honesty and morality to teaching children the basics of Christianity, Prince of Pages Inc. brings you books that will help you educate children and adults about faith in Christ.


Children: Boys and Girls

Teaching your little one the importance of dental hygiene, kindness, and virtue is easy when you shop at Prince of Pages, Inc. Choose from several kids' books about charming animals and cute little teeth at play in ToothTown.

Welcome to Toothtown

ToothTown is the dale where all little teeth live. In this town, tales are told that encourage children to practice good dental hygiene. Because you should always be ware of the Cavity Gang: Gingivitis (Ginger), Tarter, and Plaque.

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Prince of Pages, Inc.

Where page by page Imagination rages, with books and ebooks for all ages.

Prince of Pages, Inc. brings you the latest in adult and young adult fiction, children's books, christian books, and dental fiction from Tracy Carol Taylor, a distinguished author of stories for all ages.

Adults join strong, determined women on their journeys, and children learn valuable lessons from Taylor's furry fables.

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Tracy Carol Taylor, the author of Sixty Christian Traits, invites you to build a healthy foundation for a good life. View a short preview of her book on the MEDIA page, or explore the site to view other trailers.

Contact Tracy Carol Taylor today to secure your copy of any of her children's books, or to treat yourself to an exciting escapade in adult fiction.